What is #coops4dev ?

What is #coops4dev 🌍 ?

As people-centred businesses, cooperatives are owned and run by their members, who have an equal say in what their organisation does and how it generates and uses profits.
Cooperatives are a tried-and-tested model in internationaldevelopment, enabling people around the world to take control over their livelihoods.

Supporting the growth of cooperatives is, therefore, an established way to empower people and local communities to take charge of their own development, putting people before profit.

About the ICA-EU partnership

In March 2016, the Global Office of the International Cooperative Alliance entered into a partnership with the European Commission, DG Development and Cooperation, ushering in a new phase of collaboration on strengthening the cooperative movement as development actors.

This partnership has been prepared for almost a decade by the work of Cooperatives Europe and the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform, composed by European members active in international cooperative development.
The increasing acknowledgement of the cooperative model in EU development policies and the recognition by the EC of Cooperatives Europe being the interlocutor on international cooperative development paved the way for an inclusion of the cooperative model in EU development policies, programs and projects.

Acting as partners, the regional and global offices of the ICA are driving the actions, in collaboration with members, sectors, civil society organisations, international institutions and the EU. These actions are organised around 8 work streams, aiming at strengthening the ICA’s voice on international development.

The ICA-EU partnership aims to bring the cooperative model to the next level within international developmentprocesses.
The 8 work streams are built around growing visibility, enhancing advocacy, sharing and providing capacity building for members, strengthening cooperative development networking, growing program management efficiency, establishing partnerships with other development actors, training staff and supporting the whole with evidence from research.

Discover the regional and global offices of the ICA, which drive the actions of #coops4dev 🌍