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What is the International Cooperative Alliance Development Platform?

The International Cooperative Alliance Development Platform (ICADP) is the ICA Committee that brings together cooperative organisations active in international development. Its mission is to promote the cooperative model within international development policies and programs, as well as to enhance collaboration across regions both inside and outside the cooperative movement.


Who are we?

ICADP comprises 31 cooperative development organisations from around the world. All ICADP members can be found in this directory.

ICADP Directory

What do we do?

ICADP serves as a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences and knowledge on international cooperative development. The platform strives for the promotion of the cooperative model towards development actors and international institutions, and for an increased collaboration among members in development programs and partnerships.

  • Forum for discussion and exchange
  • Promotion of the cooperative model
  • Increased cooperation

To achieve these objectives, ICADP structures its activities into three main pillars, which are the following:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Create an open and trust environment to capitalise on the different contexts and methodologies that define the work of its members.
  • Joint Projects: Elaborate tools to implement joint projects at country level. Share strategies and build partnerships on international cooperative development.
  • Advocacy and Donor approach: Initiate policy dialogue with international institutions and implement a multi-actor approach. Build capacity to access funding together.

Current ICADP actions

MiCDP portal

Jointly launched by the International Cooperative Alliance and the the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC), the Mapping International Cooperative Development Programs (MiCDP) platform displays international development projects run by Cooperative Development Organisations (CDOs) across the world.

Conceived as a user-friendly interactive tool, the MiCDP portal presents comprehensive and extensive data of over 400 international cooperative development programs from 30 CDOs currently operating in 70 countries.

Explore the portal

Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks are webinars gathering ICADP members to share their expertise, enhance collaboration and build on a common understanding on international cooperative development.

In the first editions, each session features the work of one particular member and sets the space for constructive exchanges around common challenges, strategies and methods. Since 2021, the sessions have adopted a new approach and focus on key themes to expand cooperation within the ICADP network and capitalise on the existing strengths.

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