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Coop Academy

The Coop Academy is a capacity building initiative consisting of a series of knowledge-sharing webinars for ICA staff members from all offices. It helps them acquire new skills and better promote the cooperative model. Find all sessions here

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Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs (GCE) programme

The Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs (GCE) is a mentoring programme for young entrepreneurs who want to start up a cooperative. It builds on an innovative partnership between cooperative associations and youth organisations, who together support entrepreneurs in their start-up process. The GCE programme is inspired by the CoopStarter 2.0 Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by Cooperatives Europe.

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Ongoing activities

Supported by #coops4dev?, the serial of documentary films aroundtheworld.coop captures the worldwide diversity of the cooperative movement and its impact on social and economic development at local level. Discover more at its section on this website!