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Juventud y Cooperativismo en América
Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas

"El presente material representa un esfuerzo de Cooperativas de las Américas por conocer, sistematizar y mejorar las acciones orientadas a la integración juvenil de nuestras cooperativas. Los ocho estudios de caso son una muestra de nuestra rica diversidad, así como el enorme potencial que representa la posibilidad de canalizar el espíritu de jóvenes de las Américas a través de nuestro sector cooperativo.

Comprender qué demandan nuestros jóvenes, generar respuestas específicas y sobre todo los espacios concretos para que se involucren en la gestión de sus propios destinos cooperativos deben ser una obligación permanente de Cooperativas de las Américas.

En un continente predominantemente juvenil, pero altamente excluyente, las cooperativas somos una de las mejores respuestas para integrar a la juventud en un proyecto de vida que permita su pleno desarrollo y que los involucre activamente en la transformación de nuestro continente”.

Youth and Cooperatives in the Americas
Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas

"This material represents an effort by Cooperatives of the Americas to learn about, systematize, and improve the actions aimed at youth integration of our cooperatives. The eight case studies are a sample of our rich diversity, as well as the enormous potential represented by the possibility of channeling the spirit of youth of the Americas through our cooperative sector.

Understanding what our young people demand, generating specific responses and especially the specific spaces for them to become involved in managing their own cooperative destinations should be a permanent obligation of Cooperatives of the Americas.

In a predominantly youthful but highly exclusive continent, cooperatives are one of the best responses to integrate youth into a life project that allows their full development and actively involves them in transforming our continent.”

Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
documentary film,, renewable energy, energy cooperatives

The film "Renewable energy coops in Costa Rica: a fair model for a clean future" presents three rural energy cooperatives that provide sustainable economic, social, and environmental development, by distributing clean energy in all corners of the country: from the urban areas to the most remote settlements.

Being almost 90% of the consumed energy clean, Costa Rica is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2021. The three energy cooperatives produce energy from multiple renewal energy sources: hydroelectric energy (COOPELESCA), solar energy (Sector Coope Guanacaste, and COOPELESCA), and wind energy (COOPESANTOS R.L.).

These cooperatives enable an integral development of the region, which is not only promoted by empowering the economic development of the local farmers but also by the wealth distribution among the members of the cooperative.

Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
documentary film,, women empowerment, agriculture

The COPPALJ cooperative, namely Cooperativa dos pequenos produtores agroextravistas de Lago do Junco Ltda, is located in the municipalities of Lago do Junco and Lago dos Rodrigues, in the Brazilian state of Maranhão.

The cooperative was founded in 1991, created by the babaçu breaker women and smallholder farmers to maintain the control over the babaçu palms.

Nowadays, the cooperative has 201 members located in 8 different communities where they have their own collection points.

The babaçu coconuts are collected and then transformed into babaçu oil, which is sold with an organic certification in the national and international market.

2020-03-08 in the Americas
Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
documentary film,, cooperative development, sustainable development, story telling

Overview of the different cooperatives the project is visiting across the Americas.

All the films will be launched throughout the coming months.

Stay tuned!


General assessment on the XXI Regional Conference of the Cooperatives of the Americas
Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
Regional Conference, sustainable development

Between the 18 and 20 November 2019, more than 1.000 cooperators from 29 countries gathered together in San José, Costa Rica within the framework of the XXI Regional Conference of the Cooperatives of the Americas. They analysed the economic and social landscape, discussed different proposals and defined common initiatives under the motto Change / Impact / Sustainability "Cooperatives, economic actors with a social and sustainable impact".


1st Cooperative Hackathon by Cooperatives of the Americas
Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
hackathon, innovation, youth

Within the framework of the XXI Regional Conference, the first Cooperative Hackathon engaged participants in a 24-hours competition to find solutions to a range of pre-defined problem areas.

Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
cooperatives, platform cooperatives, digital economy, gig economy, migration, documentary film

Up & Go is a pro-worker platform cooperative that offers on-demand cleaning services in New York. This platform helped the workers, the majority of whom are migrant women, to earn an income 25% higher compared to the local industry average wage. All in all, it counteracts the pernicious effects of the GIG economy by promoting decent work.


Resource from: Cooperatives of the Americas
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The Cheese Board Collective is a worker-owned cooperative located in Berkely, in Northern California in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. It opened as a small cheese store in 1967. In 1971, the two original owners sold their business to their employees and created a 100% worker-owned business. Over time, it has grown in size and in the number of sold products. Nowadays the Cheese Board Collective consists of a cheese store, a bakery, an espresso bar, and a pizzeria. As they say, they have never wavered from the original vision of a democratic workplace. This commitment has made it possible to constantly reinvent themselves while remaining faithful to their political vision, and their belief in good, honest food.


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