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Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative was established in 1987 by 10 contemporary Aboriginal artists, from language groups across Australia. They were: Euphemia Bostock, Michael Riley, Bronwyn Bancroft, Arone Meeks, Jeffrey Samuels, Tracey Moffatt, Brenda L. Croft, Fern Martens, Fiona Foley and Avril Quaill. The name "Boomalli" derives from the word for ‘to strike; to make a mark’ in the languages of the Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri and Bundjalung peoples. The aim of the original 10 members was to challenge preconceptions around urban-based Aboriginal Art. Boomalli is the longest surviving Aboriginal Artists Co-operative in Australia: it has 60 members and runs Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery, a unique space in Leichhardt (Sydney), and provides opportunities for NSW Aboriginal artists to sell and promote their work through exhibitions, workshops and artwork commissions.

AROUNDTHEWORLD.COOP #5 | Koperasi MRSM Kepala Batas Berhad | MALAYSIA
ICA Asia and Pacific, malaysia, cooperative, education, youth, school

The Koperasi MRSM Kepala Batas Berhad is a cooperative set up by a school to provide essential services for students, teachers and staff, such as the laundry, the cafeteria, a market shop and also a kindergarten. Profits are reinvested in activities for the students and they, at the same time, can actively take part to the cooperative life, having the opportunity to develop hard ad soft skills and to be exposed to the cooperative principles since the early age.

AROUNDTHEWORLD.COOP #4 | Bhabishya Nirman Sana Kishan | NEPAL
ICA Asia and Pacific, nepal, finance, credit, gender, youth

The micro-finance cooperative Bhabishya Nirman Sana Kishan was created in the Dakshinkali municipality (Nepal) to revert a situation of abuse by big landlords of the region, who were offering loans to small farmers at a very high interest rate. The cooperative is also giving women and youth the opportunity to build their own future in a decent and sustainable way.

Watch the video to know more about the encouraging stories of these active and courageous cooperators.


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