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Based in Warsaw (Poland), the Dobrze Food Cooperative (Kooperatywa Dobrze) is offering an alternative to superstores and expensive organic food distributors through collective action. Thanks to the work of its 420 members, the cooperative is offering good quality food at fair and inclusive prices. Being sustainability and food sovereignty an important pillar within the project, the cooperative privileges seasonal and organic food produced locally.

The Dobrze Food Cooperative is building an inclusive food supply chain by directly supporting local farmers who receive fair wages (around 75% of the final price). Through the direct relations with the food suppliers, they are also fostering connections between consumers and farmers. The foundations of the cooperative rely on the regular and coordinated contribution of every member. Members volunteer three hours per month and jointly own two food stores – a third one, that will also be a cooperative social centre, will be open in the near future. This collective aspect is key for the run of the project. Little by little, they have already forged something very valuable in the city: a strong community of people working together to build an ethical and sustainable food supply chain at the same time they enjoy tasty and healthy food.

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European Development Days 2019
Cooperatives Europe
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Cooperatives Europe showcased the cooperative way of addressing global inequalities during the two days of the European Development Days, on the 18th and 19th of June 2019.

Leading a session on peace-building, a brainstorming on youth empowerment and organising a session on renewable energy cooperatives, they brought together partners such as our Development Platform (CEDP) and the #coops4dev team, and many others.

Cooperatives Europe, italy, agriculture, cooperative, integration

A documentary film on the Italian cooperative Casa di Alice (Alice’s home) and the Altri Orizzonti – Jerry Essan Masslo cooperative in Castel Volturno (Southern Italy). It presents the work of these cooperatives to boost the social and economic integration of migrants and recover confiscated lands from the mafia.


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